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Video: The Babies – “Wild II” live at McCarren Park on June 18th, 2011


“Unwell” by Ali Koehler

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” It’s that time again!

I just recorded this. It’s a song that I’ve had the verses to for forever but could never think of any other parts and then I said fuck it, it’ll just be a song of verses. Who cares.

A nice bum-out song about being bummed out. (…)”

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UPDATE December 2011: Ali Koehler create a bandcamp page:

Video: Vivian Girls – I Heard You Say (live in Bristol UK, July ’11)

Live in Bristol Fleece, 20 July 2011

Video: Cup Of Coffee with .. VIVIAN GIRLS

Cup Of Coffee with .. VIVIAN GIRLS

Vivian Girls Asia Tour 2011

LAST MINUTE: 14 July 2011 – free show in Bangkok

– (? 2 July 2011 ?) Pictures: by Ayafone on flickr

– 4 July 2011 VIDEO: Full gig “live at Nagoya Apollo Theater” Pictures: by joe joe joe

– 9 July 2011 VIDEO: Vivian Girls performing “Take It As It Comes” + Never See Me Again   Pictures: by Tommy Au Photo


Video: Vivian Girls live at Nagoya Apollo Theatre, Japan

4 July 2011 – Apollo Theater, Nagoya, Japan

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1. Never See Me Again
2. Can’t Get Over You
3. I Heard You Say
4. The Other Girls
5. Wild Eyes
6. Take It As It Comes
7. Lake House
8. I Won’t Be Long
9. Vanishing Of Time
10. I Have No Fun
11. When I’m Gone
12. Death
13. Sixteen Ways
14. Before I Start To Cry
15. Tell The World
16. All The Time
17. No
18. Out For The Sun

Vivian Girls | Time Out Hong Kong – Music in Hong Kong

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“It’s been three years since the lo-fi garage punk sound of the Vivian Girls’ critically-acclaimed, self-titled debut album – accompanied by some particularly outspoken interview comments – polarised opinions across the worldwide blogosphere. We chatted to guitarist and frontwoman of the Brooklyn trio, Cassie Ramone, ahead of the girls’ first ever show on Hong Kong soil.”

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