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Videos: The Babies live at Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn (April 27, 2013)

Get Lost


Run Me Over


Somebody Else


Video: Converse Get Dirty – Barcelona: Vivian Girls “Walking Alone At Night”

Converse Get Dirty – Barcelona: Vivian Girls “Walking Alone At Night”

Music Video: The Babies – Mess Me Around

The Babies – Mess Me Around

Director: Scott Jacobson
Director of Photography: Tristan Nyby
Art Department: Sage Price
Editor: Benjamin Moses Smith
Starring: Lang Fisher, Jesse Popp, Josh Fadem, John Roberts, Todd Levin, Lisa Whiteman, Sarah Walker

Interview: Madewell – Turn It Up: An Interview With La Sera’s Katy Goodman

picture by feiticeira_org - creative commons

picture by feiticeira_org – creative commons

“We’ve been fans of Katy Goodman since we first spotted her bouncing around on stage with Vivian Girls, the all-female peppy punk band she has been the bassist for since 2007. And while she remains a faithful member of VG, we have found ourselves even more smitten with her solo project, La Sera, which brings Goodman’s utterly charming, soft-focus vocals and knack for catchy pop songwriting to the forefront at long last.

Since one of the songs from her 2012 album Sees the Light (the tropical-tinged “Real Boy”) serves as the backdrop for our captivatingly cool Madewell swim video (seriously, it’s like a little mental vacation), we thought there was no better time for a catchup with Goodman to talk songwriting, spring rituals and poolside playlists.”

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Videos: Vivian Girls live at Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid (April 6, 2013)

Walking alone at night

I heard you say

Out for the sun