Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Watching The Completely Normal Vivian Girls Breakup Show | NOISEY

03a63eb8962511e3a0e412706257dc05_8“It’s not unfair to think that I’m currently surrounded by the biggest Vivian Girls fans in New York City, fans who know all the words to “Wild Eyes” and have crammed into Death By Audio on a Saturday night to watch what will be the band’s second-to-last show before breaking up. Even so, there’s a limit to their intensity—there’s movement and some mild moshing up front, but not really until the band directs the crowd to get on with it. “Feel free to dance,” bassist Katy Goodman says; “I want to see a circle pit!” singer Cassie Ramone follows. And lo, she does: the tension in the room is uncorked as fans start jostling into each other, with some crowdsurfing and even stage diving in sweaty repudiation of the frigid evening.”

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