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Upset guitarist Jennifer Prince leaves band

We wanted to let you all know that Jenn has left Upset to work on her own projects. We wish her well and are very grateful to have started the band and recorded the first album with her. Her lead guitar on our debut album She’s Gone and her song Game Over were crucial parts of founding and developing our sound. Here’s to moving forward and opening new doors!




Interview: Hey Sera, Sera: An Interview With Katy Goodman | Frontier Psychiatrist

picture by Robocod

picture by Robocod


I didn’t have Hole or Riot grrrl or Sleater-Kinney when I was blossoming into the grown-ass woman I pretend to be today. What I did have was Vivian Girls, and they were fucking amazing. Of course, Vivian Girls have called it quits in favor of the respective girls’ side projects – Cassie Ramone’s got The Babies with Woods’ Kevin Morby, Ali Koehler’s got the new group Upset, and maybe most well-known of all, “Kickball” Katy Goodman’s got La Sera. La Sera’s latest, Hour Of The Dawn, caught people off-guard with its peppiness and generally happy attitude. Like, could a Vivian Girl, normally a purveyor of sad pop, really make a record that sounds this positive?

Thankfully for all of us, Katy Goodman’s much more than just a former Vivian Girl. She’s an artist of her own, already the voice behind two successful groups and, yet, the kind of laid-back Cali girl who will just text you to set up a time to talk. With an adorable puppy, a more stable life, and fewer breakups, Katy Goodman’s in one of the best places she’s ever been. Read my full interview with her below, edited for length and clarity.

Frontier Psychiatrist: I feel like we have the same first world problems with our names being Katy (Kati)’s spelled with “y” and “i.” Do you correct people when they spell it wrong? Do you have to correct people that say it like “catty”?

Katy Goodman: Not usually. Ever since Katy Perry, it’s not even been a thing. Before Katy Perry was famous, it was a thing where no one knew how to spell my name, and I always had to correct everybody. But after Katy Perry, nobody has a problem with my name anymore.”

Read the full interview:

Video: Ray-Ban + La Sera @ Primavera Sound 2014


Tour date: Burger Boogaloo: Ronnie Spector, Shannon & The Clams, La Sera, … @ Mosswood Park, Oakland, CA (July 5 & 6, 2014)


La Sera: May 10, 2014 Baby’s All Right – Flac/MP3/Streaming | nyctaper

photo by Amanda Hatfield

photo by Amanda Hatfield

Katy Goodman is authentically one of the nicest people in the indie music scene. Its hard to fathom how someone could be so positive, always smiling and so friendly to seemingly anyone she encounters. Its very easy to root for the success of someone with her disposition — and its especially true given the excellent quality of La Sera’s new album Hour Of The Dawn. At the CD release show for the album at Baby’s All Right last month, La Sera played to a packed room of admirers and the smiles were all around. The band played through seven of the nine tracks of Hour and a couple of older songs before closing the set with the title track. We’re streaming that performance below. It featured an extended guitar interplay between Todd Wisenbaker and Greta Morgan — during which Katy jumped into the crowd and played her bass among the fans. The humorous part of the show and part of what makes Katy so likeable is that she spent much of the encore break apologizing to the fan who got hit by the neck of the bass in the audience. The fan said no problem, all was forgiven, and the band ended the set with a rollicking encore. La Sera will begin a European tour in May (dates here), that includes an appearance at the Primavera Sound Festival.

This set was recorded on the installed Multitrack system at Baby’s All Right by sound tech Devin Foley and we mixed the raw files. The sound is pro-quality. Enjoy!”

Download the complete show:


Tour date: Burger A-Go-Go: Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls, Bleached, La Sera, … @ The Observatory, Santa Ana (August 2, 2014)


Video: La Sera – Live at PrimaveraSound 2014 (May 30, 2014)