The Setup / Katy Goodman

Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Katy Goodman. I’m a musician, and also a junior web developer. I went to Rutgers and studied physics and education, but then decided to pursue music instead of becoming a teacher. I’ve been playing in 2 bands for the last 8 years (Vivian Girls, La Sera), and travel the world playing shows and having fun and loving it. But when I’m not on tour, I love learning to code and developing websites. I just started working for CASH Music, where I’m training to do backend development. In my spare time, I’m going to college full time studying Computer Science, I have 2 cats and a dog who I hang out with a lot, and I go hiking sporadically.

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Podcast: Turned Out A Punk : Episode 15 : “Kickball Katy” Goodman

On this episode of Turned Out A Punk, Damian gets to chat to Le Sera’s Katy Goodman about going from watching New Brunswick basement hardcore shows, to playing at Coachella in the Vivian Girls. Listen in as two discuss touring together, the low points of riding high on the indie hype bubble, and punk.
Also touched on in this episode:
-Trying to get into NoFX and accidentally getting into the Germs
-Seeing shows at Ridgewood Lodge
-Fletcher And the Sticky Wickets: the pre-Real Estate Cricket referencing ska band
-Interviewing Lars from Rancid for… nothing… or no reason… and not recording it.
-Missing out on Emo?
-The importance of the Gossip
-New Brunswick, New Jersey: the capital of New Jersey Hardcore
-No Way Records
-Meeting future bandmates because of their choice in socks
-Following the Tragedy, Forward, Warhead Tour deadhead-style to Chaos In Tejas
-The infamous Mark Pesci’s Marked Man stage dive
-Rolling solo to the Fucked Up Hidden World Weekend
-The pre-Vivian Girls bands: The Gutter and We’re Not Virgins
-Finding a bass in a basement
-Having to curse when talking about the Wipers
-The origins of the Vivain Girls name (it’s not a Fucked Up reference, DAMIAN!)
-Poison Idea: literally the best
-Vivian Girls as a Punk band
-Brooklyn Vegan and learning the hard way to never ever read the comments
-People coming to see you play just to hate you
-Lots of Coachella memories
-Some light Sam Smith discussion

ALTR EGO – Interview with Katy Goodman of La Sera

“Jen hit up TBD Fest last week and chats with Katy Goodman of La Sera about their new album Hour of the Dawn out now via Hardly Art, band dynamics, shredding, the heat and what’s next for Girl Gang following their first public social at The Smell in Downtown Los Angeles. It was hot, sweaty and the fest DJ was really on some sweet Disney vibe. Thanks again Katy! Shred on!”


La Sera Interview | Wondering Sound


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La Sera on Singing Like a Child and Her Secret Album

“If Katy Goodman’s first group, Vivian Girls, embodied the spirit (if not the sound) of late-’70s Ramones — pretty, primitive guitar-based pop with a nihilistic edge — her third record as La Sera, Hour of the Dawn, is like late-’80s Ramones. A great singer skillfully executing hit melodies derived from ’60s girl groups, Goodman is backed by aggressive yet controlled guitar playing and slick production. The songs themselves cover a range of emotions with complexity and nuance that is so often lacking in mainstream pop, which gives the album a darker edge — like if California hardcore guitar hero Rikk Agnew’s post-Adolescents solo work had been collaboration with Belinda Carlisle.

Tobi Vail reached Goodman by phone to talk about Stephin Merritt, writing a secret record and her new album.”

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El primer disco en solitario de Cassie Ramone está agotado | VICE España


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“Desde el momento que escuché por primera vez a las Vivian Girls en 2008, Cassie Ramone se convirtió en mi intérprete favorita de esta época. Me gustan las letras que escribe, cómo toca la guitarra y, además, me parece un personaje muy guay aunque está muy loca y vive en un mundo de fantasía, chicos guapos, tarot y Jameson.

En febrero de este año, Vivian Girls anunciaron que se separaban. Esto me dejó muy mal. Pensaba que no iba a poder salir nunca del agujero de tristeza en el que caí de cabeza al enterarme, pero en abril pasé un par de semanas en Nueva York con Cassie y recuperé la felicidad de nuevo: me dijo que acababa de terminar su primer disco en solitario. Lo escuché, me flipó y por fin la semana pasada me llegó la versión física de The Time Has Come, editado en LogLady Records. (…)”

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reddit: I am Katy Goodman from La Sera and Vivian Girls. AMA! : IAmA (June 30, 2014)

indexIs Storm’s End a Game of Thrones reference? Also, are you all planning to announce any new concert dates soon? I would absolutely love to see you in Columbus, Ohio.

It is a Game of Thrones reference! When we made that song, I thought it sounded like an evil surf song, which would be perfect for the Ironborn.

Hey, thanks for coming out. Who is your musical inspiration? Do you have any non-musical inspirations?

I don’t know if I have ONE musical inspiration, but the first person that popped into my head was Jonathan Richman. As for my non-musical inspiration, I would say Marie Curie.

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Interview: Hey Sera, Sera: An Interview With Katy Goodman | Frontier Psychiatrist

picture by Robocod

picture by Robocod


I didn’t have Hole or Riot grrrl or Sleater-Kinney when I was blossoming into the grown-ass woman I pretend to be today. What I did have was Vivian Girls, and they were fucking amazing. Of course, Vivian Girls have called it quits in favor of the respective girls’ side projects – Cassie Ramone’s got The Babies with Woods’ Kevin Morby, Ali Koehler’s got the new group Upset, and maybe most well-known of all, “Kickball” Katy Goodman’s got La Sera. La Sera’s latest, Hour Of The Dawn, caught people off-guard with its peppiness and generally happy attitude. Like, could a Vivian Girl, normally a purveyor of sad pop, really make a record that sounds this positive?

Thankfully for all of us, Katy Goodman’s much more than just a former Vivian Girl. She’s an artist of her own, already the voice behind two successful groups and, yet, the kind of laid-back Cali girl who will just text you to set up a time to talk. With an adorable puppy, a more stable life, and fewer breakups, Katy Goodman’s in one of the best places she’s ever been. Read my full interview with her below, edited for length and clarity.

Frontier Psychiatrist: I feel like we have the same first world problems with our names being Katy (Kati)’s spelled with “y” and “i.” Do you correct people when they spell it wrong? Do you have to correct people that say it like “catty”?

Katy Goodman: Not usually. Ever since Katy Perry, it’s not even been a thing. Before Katy Perry was famous, it was a thing where no one knew how to spell my name, and I always had to correct everybody. But after Katy Perry, nobody has a problem with my name anymore.”

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