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Six Degrees of Vivian Girls at the Amoeblog

188816-000“Remember the whole Pixies/Breeders/Belly/Throwing Muses web of bands many years back? Or, more recently, the Wolf Parade/Sunset Rubdown/Frog Eyes/Handsome Furs/Divine Fits band sprawl? And let’s not even get into Broken Social Scene. Well, none of these band associations holds a candle to Vivian Girls and the myriad bands, collaborations, side projects and what-have-yous that spring from the New York noise pop band. In light of recent release from onetime-Vivian Frankie Rose and the upcoming release by Vivian girl Ali Koehler in Upset, I’ve attempted to make a Vivian Girls tree for y’all. I’m sure I missed like 20 bands, let me know if I have!”

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Best Coast’s statement about the departure of Ali

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From Best Coast

It seems there have been some misunderstandings surrounding the departure of Ali from the band.

Best Coast has and always will be Bobb and I.  No matter who has joined the band on tour, whatever lineup ensues, the band is simply the two of us. That said, these past two years have been full of nothing but the greatest of memorable adventures and I am so grateful that my
friend Ali was a part of them when we were on tour.
As we enter into a new chapter and record for the band, we can’t wait to share all of the new songs Bobb and I are working really hard on with all of you.

Thank you to all of our fans for supporting us. We are looking forward to experiencing our second record with you soon!

One last thing: For those of you who are assuming things, Ali was informed 2 months ago that our live lineup was changing. There is no bad blood between any of us.”


Former Vivian Girls Drummer Ali Koehler No Longer a Member of Best Coast | News | Pitchfork

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Best Coast drummer Ali Koehler Tweeted yesterday that she is no longer in the band, as Brooklyn Vegan reports. Koehler left Vivian Girls last year to join Best Coast. When asked why she left, Koehler Tweeted, Not my choice, sorry if you’re disappointed”, I’m sorry, I’m equally disappointed”, and your guess is as good as mine”.

Her first Best Coast show was in July 2010. Hipster Runoff notes that Koehler was replaced by a male drummer at a San Francisco show earlier this week.”

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Rookie | » Make Some Noise – Ali Koehler talks about songwriting, Riot Grrrl, and Rock Band

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“I first noticed Ali Koehler several years ago, when she was drumming for the Brooklyn lo-fi punk band Vivian Girls. Last year she left that band to play with Best Coast, the laid-back California outfit led by the cat aficionado and genius Bethany Cosentino. That’s when I really fell in love with Ali’s playing. Those two bands are so different musically (Vivian Girls are best listened to in your bedroom, playing air guitar; Best Coast is great on a lazy summer car ride), but Ali is some kind of crazy percussion chameleon, capturing the spirit of both of them equally well.(…)”

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Lady. Bang. Beat.- Interview – Ali Koehler

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Ali Koehler is the fearless former drummer of Vivian Girls and current drummer of the band on the tip of everyone’s tongue, Best Coast. Her success is admirable and is inspiring young drummers and musicians around the world. Attending a Best Coast show here in Philly last year, the crowd was completely in love. It wasn’t just the music that kept the crowd energized, it was the sheer confidence of Ali, Bethany, and Bobb. Ali Koehler is touring the world, jumping from festival to festival and seems to be in the midst of watching her dreams play out in front of her. We of course wanted to know a little more about the beat behind Best Coast. Check out our interview with this rockin’ lady! “

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The Vivian Girls universe – Music – Time Out New York

The local noise-rock darlings have launched a constellation of prominent satellites.

Though NYC garage-rock heroines the Vivian Girls have only been around since 2007, the band now seems like the fulcrum of the entire Brooklyn indie scene. The core elements of the group—Cassie Ramone’s singing and guitar playing, Katy Goodman’s harmonies and bass plucking, and contributions from three different drummers—have spun off a number of impressive side projects, nearby and otherwise. (…)”

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