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reddit: I am Katy Goodman from La Sera and Vivian Girls. AMA! : IAmA (June 30, 2014)

indexIs Storm’s End a Game of Thrones reference? Also, are you all planning to announce any new concert dates soon? I would absolutely love to see you in Columbus, Ohio.

It is a Game of Thrones reference! When we made that song, I thought it sounded like an evil surf song, which would be perfect for the Ironborn.

Hey, thanks for coming out. Who is your musical inspiration? Do you have any non-musical inspirations?

I don’t know if I have ONE musical inspiration, but the first person that popped into my head was Jonathan Richman. As for my non-musical inspiration, I would say Marie Curie.

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Katy Goodman Talks New La Sera Album and the Future of Vivian Girls | MTV Hive

picture by - (c)

picture by – (c)

“Katy Goodman is best known for her work with hyper-punk rock band Vivian Girls and her more atmospheric solo project La Sera. Recently, she branched out with a spacey new musical project called Books of Love, a duo with Gold Motel/Hush Sound’s Greta Morgan. While they only have one song readily available for public consumption (which you can hear below), her new project finds her dipping into ’60s bubble-gum style pop. And it works. Hive recently spoke with Goodman’ about the intentions of Books of Love,  La Sera‘s upcoming third record, the future of her other band, Vivian Girls.”

Books of Love: “Space Time” | Tracks | Pitchfork

homepage_large.e4bb51d6“Walking past Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory one night, Vivian Girls member and La Sera leader Katy Goodman and the Hush Sound‘s Greta Morgan had an idea to write a song about finding love in another dimension, so they recorded “Space Time” in Morgan’s rehearsal space as Books of Love. They even found the time to run around L.A. in tinfoil Sputnik helmets for the song’s equally lighthearted music video, putting up “Have You Seen?” posters of Goodman’s far-out lover. (…)”

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Music Video: Books Of Love – “Space Time”

Music Video: Books Of Love – “Space Time”

released 07 May 2013
Katy Goodman and Greta Morgan
Mixing and Bass by Bobby Lord
Videography and Artwork by Eddie O’Keefe

“While hiking past the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, friends Katy Goodman and Greta Morgan were struck with the idea to record a song together: A song about physics and love, science and romance, space and time. Have you ever felt the lovesick pain of falling for someone from a different dimension? We have too.

The next morning, the girls recorded “Space Time” in Greta’s tiny rehearsal space in Glassell Park. While “Space Time” may not be a hit in this dimension yet, the song is topping charts in many others. The girls have plans to tour the Andromeda Galaxy this summer, appear in Bode’s Galaxy this Fall, and make an appearance at the Omega-Palooza Festival to break up the 2.9 million light-year long trip home.

Until then, they will continue enjoying life in this space-time, where Katy is writing the next La Sera album and Greta is about to embark on a tour with The Hush Sound.”