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Girl Pool Residency: Upset (feat. members of Vivian Girls & La Sera), Traps PS, Michael Vidal @ The Echo, Los Angeles, CA (December 8, 2014),


ALTR EGO – Interview with Katy Goodman of La Sera

“Jen hit up TBD Fest last week and chats with Katy Goodman of La Sera about their new album Hour of the Dawn out now via Hardly Art, band dynamics, shredding, the heat and what’s next for Girl Gang following their first public social at The Smell in Downtown Los Angeles. It was hot, sweaty and the fest DJ was really on some sweet Disney vibe. Thanks again Katy! Shred on!”


Give Forward: Vivian Rios | My family needs help getting back on their feet (Frankie Rose)

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 “Hello friends,

It’s Frankie Rose here.

My 65 Year old single mom and my brother, a 37 Year old disabled man living with Multiple Sclerosis built a small home in Tijuana, Mexico a few years ago. All the family money went towards this investment with the goal of having a place to call home, a stable environment for my brother who is unable to work a job due to his ongoing symptoms and necessary medications. This was the first family home my family has ever had and a source of serenity for my brother who lives with chronic pain and distress. There are some simple things in life that make a person feel human and included in that is a simple feeling of safety in a home. This is something I very much want to make available to my family right now in their time of need.

A week ago my mother and brother were victims of a violent home invasion, which involved 15 men surrounding the house and robbing them clean of all of their possessions including my brother’s car. A friend of my mothers was badly beaten and wrongly jailed. The perpetrators threatened to return and kill my mother and brother, forcing them to flee their home and start anew, leaving a boarded up house surrounded in broken glass behind. The house was vandalized beyond repair. Due to the modality of the police in that area- no help from authorities is available to my mom and brother-leaving them afraid for their lives and homeless, without any of their things and without a home to return to or any real resources or support.

At this point I am reaching out to try and get them back on their feet by crowd sourcing some money to cover the costs of a deposit for a new apartment, a couple months of rent and the cost of the bail and moving expenses. With your donation- my mom and brother can recoup some costs and have some support while starting over after this traumatic incident. More than anything-you will be restoring their sense of integrity. This whole incident has been so unbelievably grim and sadly my family can never return to their home. But the gesture of even a small donation would mean so much to them and help restore their faith in humanity a little bit.

I wish I personally had the resources to save them right now and pay for all of these costs on my own. I’m so sad and angry and this whole thing just feels unreal. It is very humbling to ask for help and is probably the hardest thing I have ever done. I am looking to my resources and doing what I can to help them out. In the end it is an issue of survival and basic human need.”