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Colleen Green performed in Japan for the first time beginning on January 23 and ending on February 1 before her record, I Want to Grow Up was released by Hardly Art. Before she left Los Angeles for these dates, we sent her a disposable camera to use for her shows abroad with Cassie Ramone, who documented her final shows with Vivian Girls on the same medium. In return we received images of bowling, a mannequin wearing Colleen’s t-shirt, photos of their audience, and more.

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Polaris, Upset @ Echoplex (April 25, 2015)


Tiny Ruins @ Mercury Lounge: August 9, 2014 | Live Review


Photos by Stephanie Augello

“Last Saturday night, the Lower East Side of Manhattan was lulled into a state of enchantment as New Zealand-bred band Tiny Ruins and ex-Vivian Girls and Babies leader Cassie Ramone plucked and cooed their way into the hearts of the crowd. Ramone set the evening in motion, absorbing the attention of the show-goers with her intense, brooding melodies. Seeing a performance by Ramone is akin to opening one’s third eye, her poignant riffs capable of reminding all that there is much more swimming beneath the social facade. Ramone will release her debut album, The Time Has Come, on August 26 via Loglady. (…)”

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Pictures: La Sera live at Buger a-Go-Go, Santa Ana, CA (August 2, 2014)


picture by Leonard Albert Drorian



Photos and words by Scott Sheff
While a light rain fell outside, the ladies of Upset showered the crowd inside The Satellite with a night of punk-pop music and plenty of casual banter.
The group kept things loose with the chit chat between the band and the crowd, as well as each other. Lead singer/guitarist Ali Koehler had a question for drummer Patty Schemel that she just had to ask before she forgot: “Did you hear back from Evan?” We all soon learned that the Evan in question was none other than Evan Dando of The Lemonheads and Blake Babies fame. (No word as to the purpose of the call, but we can only hope (and speculate) that there’s a musical collaboration in the works.
In addition to her warm, personable demeanor on stage, Koehler also added a nice personal touch to the show, but likely went unnoticed by most everyone in attendance. Rather than just scribble the night’s songs on a piece of paper, Koehler created four original, hand-written set lists with some doodles and other drawings unique to each list, giving a few lucky fans a one-of-a-kind memento from the show.


Vivian Girls bid Farewell to L.A. with a final jam-packed performance at the Church on York | Grimy Goods


Picture by Adi Putra

Vivian Girls bid us farewell this past Friday with a very special final performance at the Church on York in Highland Park. Colleen Green opened up the evening with a rad performance, per usual. Warming up the crowd with her catchy garage pop, fans seemed to really get into her grooves. She was a perfect appetizer for what would be an incredible main course. Vivian Girls blasted out a fierce farewell performance for their Los Angeles fans. The newly established Church on York had never been this packed. Making music since 2007, Vivian Girls’ performance was a bit emotional for fans and friends considering this was their final Los Angeles performance. The Girls and the crowd went out with bang. With tons of musicians, fans and industry peep amongst the audience — everyone cut loose and danced, stage-dived, crowd-surfed and pretty much did everything possible to show their devotion to the Vivian Girls. Making their fans even happier, Vivian Girls came out soon after their set to take photos with fans and do signings.

Vivian Girls put on one hell-of-a farewell performance, and damn was it packed!

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HUNX & HIS PUNX, CHERRY GLAZER, CRIMINAL HYGIENE, UPSET @ THE ECHOPLEX-OCT 24, 2013-16-2“Another solid lineup of local bands at The Echoplex as Upset kicked it off early. Female punkers Upset received their first flowers from fans. Ali Koehler (guitar/vocals), Jennifer Prince (lead guitar/vocals), and Patty Schemel (drums) have a new album She’s Gone and make another appearance at The Echoplex in November with Screaming Females. Accomplished musician Rachel Haden filled in on bass.”

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Photo sets: Vivian Girls live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (February 15, 2013)

18 pictures by on flickr



Photos by Amanda Atfield in brooklynvegan


Parquet Courts + Wet Illustrated +Upset @The Echo | L.A. record

(c) Debi Del Grande

(c) Debi Del Grande

(…) Playing its first gig ever, Ali Koehler’s new endeavor, Upset, took The Echo stage early. Who is Ali Koehler, you ask? Only the former drummer for Vivian Girls and Best Coast, who is now front and center singing and playing guitar. And she’s not alone up there. Hole’s former drummer Patty Schemel (not too shabby, eh?), lead guitarist Jennifer Prince and bassist Chris Juarez are in cohorts with Koehler. Upset is so new, there are no recordings and was only able to play a short set. But enough time to get a taste of some punky pop goodness. “I hope when you grow up, you’re not like me.” (…) Photos and words by Debi Del Grande

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Noisey’s Night Out – La Sera At Helmut Lang | NOISEY

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photos: La Sera + Icona Pop – live at Helmut Lang FNO NYC KATY GOODMAN III – GORILLA VS. BEAR

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Photo set: Vivian Girls in London | July 21, 2011 by Victor Frankowski

Photo set: The Babies @ L’Espace B, Paris | 15.11.2011 by Emeline Ancel-Pirouelle

Check out this great set ! Pictures were taken in Paris in November 2011.

(c) Emeline Ancel-Pirouelle, on Flickr

Vivian Girls Asia Tour 2011

LAST MINUTE: 14 July 2011 – free show in Bangkok

– (? 2 July 2011 ?) Pictures: by Ayafone on flickr

– 4 July 2011 VIDEO: Full gig “live at Nagoya Apollo Theater” Pictures: by joe joe joe

– 9 July 2011 VIDEO: Vivian Girls performing “Take It As It Comes” + Never See Me Again   Pictures: by Tommy Au Photo