Ali Koehler


Cassette tape, Neotomic Records! NR!-002, 15 March 2012

1. Unwell
2. Smudge
3. A Boy I Don’t Know
4. Yole
5. Here With Me
6. Your Inflection
7. Lubbock, TX
8. Shiver With Me

Only 150 (due to some problems, now it’s closer to 100!) of these will be made on purple tape, and will come hand-numbered with an insert including lyrics and linernotes from Ali.



ali-koehler---The-Biweekly-5-Pizza-ClubVarious artists – The Biweekly 5″ Pizza Club

CD-R, Art is Hard Records PIZZAIH16 – GROW UP, 3 August 2012

1. Ali Koehler – Not Like Me

There is only one physical CD-R released in Pizza Box package. Free digital download

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